produkty Revolving cabinet

Revolving cabinet

The BiMax revolving cabinet consists of two connected document storage units, revolving on a common vertical axis. The movable part is fixed in a stable casing. By turning the unit by 90° the cabinet can be closed (the sides of the unit function as the doors) or access gained to either one of the component units. The BiMax cabinet doubles the document storage capacity and reduces the time of accessing them.

The locks which are fitted as standard on the cabinets ensure secure document storage, whereas the ample cabinet accessories provide for storage of a range of files, upright and suspension folders which require additional security precautions.

Ergonomics and aesthetics
The revolving cabinet system makes it possible to keep the archives in close proximity to the user. Each module of the system has the same storage capacity as two regular office cabinets. The revolving cabinet doubles the shelving length available for document storage of that offered by traditional solutions. It also reduces the area needed for development of the archive. Identical access to all documents is maintained. In order to access a document located on the far side of the cabinet one only need rotate the internal shelf of the cabinet. The casing of the cabinet guarantees a security level appropriate for most documents. The locking of the cabinet with the key prevents turning of the internal shelf of the cabinet and gaining access to the documents. Revolving cabinets are based on a metal construction. This guarantees a lengthy lifespan without a noticeable drop in usage parameters. Equipped with an advanced revolving mechanism and due to their functionality and aesthetics the cabinets meet the needs of the modern office. All the above mentioned fittings and structural components combined with the aesthetics of workmanship make the BiMax cabinets a solution which improves working conditions in the modern office. Fifty standard colours (according to the RAL palette) and twenty wood-effect finishes create a complete palette, suited to all interiors.

The revolving cabinets are manufactured in a modular system. The elements can be assembled in many different configurations to fit the space of the archive. The system may be extended as required. This cabinet type allows for space and time savings required for document location and retrieval.