produkty Rotating shelving

Rotating shelving

Rotating shelving (also known as automated shelving) represents a new dimension in automated office technology. A rotating shelving unit is used for storage and archiving of records, documentation and index files. It is a type of high rack shelving with modular construction, operating on the principle of “document delivery on demand”. The required document will be automatically delivered to the user after pressing a button. Work is carried out in an ideal ergonomic position. There is less physical effort required and optimal work conditions are created.

No matter what it is, a storeroom with suspension files or upright records or side access storage, by means of appropriately matched levels, the automatic shelving unit can be individually adjusted to fit existing systems and order of records.

Rotating shelving is highly flexible and can be adjusted according to diverse criteria:

• Shape (type of document)
• Height of space
• combining of several levels
• openings for document delivery located at various heights

This type of shelving is available in various dimensions and versions. We develop efficient solutions through consultation with our customers, as we fulfil their individual requirements.

• in public administration
• in health services
• in banks
• in postal services

• space saving thanks to maximum utilization of available height on-site
• increase in the available office space thanks to high density storage
• increase in work productivity
• time saving thanks to speed of delivery and short travel distance of documents to be delivered
• improvement in work ergonomics thanks to location of openings for document delivery at a suitable height