Mechanically assisted mobile shelvig

Mechanically assisted mobile shelvig

archi-line-R-200The most widespread system of storage and preservation of documents, books, paintings etc. These are modern mobile storage systems; also known as mobile shelving or mobile storage cabinets.

Many years of experience have made BudMax capable of meeting any challenge regarding design and supply of storage solutions in archival and preservation spaces, spaces for storage or warehousing of a range of items.

We will adapt any mobile storage system, large or small, according to the requirement, designed for storing records, documents, files, books, as well as non- standard items, such as paintings, weapons, video cassettes (etc….) and many others.

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"Regaly przesuwne mechanicznie"








  1. Hand Wheel of the mobile shelving unit
  2. The front panel of the shelving unit
  3. Storage shelf
  4. Covering shelf (roof)
  5. Frame
  6. Shelving unit track
  7. Drive wheels
  8. Load bearing walls